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Reproductions of modern acrylic paintings of Agne Kisonaite. Printed on high-quality paper.
Matted and signed by the author. Hand-framed. Ready for hanging.

More about reproductions

The quality of the copyright print is taken care of by the entire team. A professional photographer uses a special technique to photograph acrylic paintings and ensures maximum recreation of all colors and strokes in the reproduction. An experienced designer prepares layouts based on Agne’s idea; afterward, the layouts move to specialized printing works trusted by the author for many years.

Reproductions are printed on extremely high-quality paper: white, 350 gsm, minimal texture. Before framing and packing, the author assesses the quality of each reproduction and signs it.

Women of her generation and social background often become objects of Agne Kisonaite’s paintings. The works capture the fashion and realities of the time – great examples of this are paintings “Selfie“, “Italian silk“, “Damn, where did I lose contact lenses“, “My favorite heels”, “Inconvenient formality“. The author combines design and painting in her creation – artists in Lithuania usually hesitate to do so.

Agne remembers: “Art critic has entitled my painting as courageous, even masculine. At work, I have never been afraid of criticism and swimming upstream – in my works, I strive to express what I think is important.“

Reproduction does not require special care. Only direct sunlight should be avoided. The framed art print is covered with plain glass – it is more suitable for work as it does not suppress the colors of reproduction as opaque. At the request of the purchaser, the reproduction is framed with museum-style, fully protective glass. All framed art prints are sold online.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ramute Rachleviciute, art critic and historian

“The painter had and has a distinctive feature born of an authentic designer vision of the world – fragile, childly clear but at the same time trendy, responsive to the time in all settings, with the influence of the latest modern media and virtual visuals.“

Art Critic Aiste Paulina Virbickaite:

“Paintings of Agne Kisonaite are characterized by a thin and smooth coat of paint, large and generalized shapes and pure contrasting colours often reminiscent of the pop art principles. In the context of young Lithuanian painters Agne’s paintings are distinguished strikingly for their decorativeness, unusual colour combinations and balance between design and painting.”