The reproduction of the brightly coloured painting Flight is an excellent option for decorating a loft or a modern, minimalist or Scandinavian-style interior. Consider placing it in your living room, a child’s room, the hallway or a corridor. It will also look striking in a light-coloured bathroom or in a workroom or an office.

The painting is composed of a triplet of colours preferred by the artist: the main object – an airplane – is red, the sky blue and white. Blue and red are traditionally considered to be difficult to use together, and their combination is often seen as promotional, too contrasting or loud. But artist Agne Kisonaite is positive that easy solutions and painting in pastel colours are definitely not for her. She therefore takes up the challenge and courageously combines unexpected elements. According to Agne, it is very important to feel the degree of intensity of the colours painted as well as their proportions and coherence (how much of each colour cover the painting).

Agne says, “This is one of the rare cases when the theme of masculinity is predominate in my painting. I gave it to my husband on the occasion of our wedding anniversary. It is easy to imagine this painting as a gift for a brother, dad, colleague or a friend interested in aviation. But in a broad sense the airplane symbolizes improvement, rising up, journeys and breath-taking impressions. That is why it is a perfect fit for collectors of bright moments and fans of adventure.”

A reproduction of the painting was exhibited at the Michaelson Boutique Hotel and The Bubbles. Champagneria. In the exhibitions, Flight found itself a suitable place alongside the reproductions of Hidden and Lipstick Wars. The colouring of these works beautifully complements each other, so you can easily hang them on the wall as a triptych.

The quality of the reproduction is exceptional – to create the print, the original painting is photographed with special technique and the photo transferred onto extremely high-quality paper. All reproductions are signed by the author. Professionals in their fields are responsible for the selection of the mat, frame, and the preparation for hanging. The reproductions come in two sizes: small – 37 × 52 cm, large – 52 × 75 cm.

This reproduction is also a great gift – we can take care of wrapping it before shipment so that you can give it right away. The packed reproduction is shipped 2-3 days after ordering.