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Contemporary installation art and art objects

One of my favorite creative expression means – contemporary installation art projects and art objects, often created from things that people use without even knowing they are art material. From lipsticks to plastic straws, I forget about their original function and twist things up, assembling them into modern conceptual artwork. Installation art and objects are handmade, one-of-a-kind art pieces that are not sold. They are meant to spark some new insights and reflections upon our lifestyle and habits of consumption. My artwork also helps raise awareness of health issues, such as diabetes. I dedicated multiple art pieces to this subject, using unconventional materials – like insulin syringes and used diabetic test strips.

Art objects and installation art by Agne Kisonaite

Being a professional artist, I transform outdated lipsticks, used insulin pens, and other waste into contemporary art objects and installations. My contemporary installation art project “Diabetes” helped to convey the alarming worldwide growth of the disease and display my humble hope that one day, diabetes would be cured. My other installation “Waste art” – women’s faces from used plastic straws – was intended to provoke in-depth thoughts about consumerism, the types of products we are purchasing, and the necessity to reduce waste. “Puffy Lips” art installation, made from inflated latex gloves, speaks about another trend – a never-ending enhancement of our bodies.

I enjoy creating art that is not only pleasing to an eye but also moves people in deeper ways. I am one of those installation art artists who love to trigger thoughts, spark discussions, and raise awareness of problems that people often don’t stop to think about.

If you are interested in discussing future possibilities for your gallery, explore creative innovations for your event, or know more about my work – jump right to it and contact me. There is no time like the present 🙂

Exhibitions of installations

The objects from used lipsticks have become my business card: “Lipstick Giant” was exhibited in Switzerland, “Lipstick Tower” was assembled in Hong Kong, “Courage” was created for Porsche charity auction in Prague. If you want to be the first to know about future expositions, follow me on Instagram and Facebook and always stay updated with the latest info.