Contemporary art objects and installations

As a professional artist, I transform outdated lipsticks, used insulin pens and other waste into contemporary art objects and installations.

World Diabetes Day event - diabetes artwork presentation

Contemporary artwork from used diabetic test strips

Insulin sculpture 'Diabetes' © Agne Kisonaite

‘Diabetes’ – insulin syringes art sculpture

Thumbnail for ant art piece made of used cosmetics: "Glass Blowing". Artist Agne Kisonaite

Glass Blowing: art made of used cosmetics

Agne Kisonaite with her art installation 'Modern Lithuanian'

Collage out of magazine paper pieces – Modern Lithuanian interpretation

Art installation FEMME: 16 wire sculptures covered in golden paint

Used lipstick tubes art object 'Giant lipstick'. Author - artist Agne Kisonaite. Thumbnail picture.

Used lipstick tubes art object ‘Giant lipstick’

Thumbnail for set of handmade armchairs made by artist Agne Kisoanaite

Armchair design – set of handmade armchairs

Painting 'Bullfinch' on a back of chair. Artist Agne Kisonaite.

Paintings on furniture