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Insulin syringes art sculpture ‘Diabetes’

About 382 million people in the world are sick with diabetes. I had only realized that when I came to know that I am one of them.

Insulin injections to the abdomen, blood tests prodding the fingers. Permanent self-control, watching the blood levels, strict diet, regular doctor appointments. Every single day for the last six years, I have to live with such a discipline. All this time, I was also trying out all sorts of ways to improve my life quality, or perhaps even to be cured. I keep experimenting with both traditional and alternative medical approaches. I feel so elevated when improved glucose results allow me to lower the insulin dose. And sorely mourn each failed attempt.

This is how I came up with an idea to draw attention to this fast-growing disease (diabetes). I will create an art object out of ~10’000 used insulin syringes collected from people who have diabetes.

Sculpture ‘Diabetes’

The finished art object will be around 3 m in height and reflect a woman sitting on a chair and taking her usual insulin injection into her abdomen. I will glue the disinfected used syringes in a way that will result in a life-sized sculpture. With this aesthetically looking, but at the same time shocking art object, I try to represent both: enormous growth of the disease in the world (the sheer amount of insulin syringes consumed during a lifetime of a person with diabetes), my constraint abidance with it (sitting position = humility) and sensitive hope that one day diabetes will be cured.


During the International Diabetes Federation Congress, in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, a fragment of the sculpture was exposed.

About Agne Kisonaite

As a professional artist, I have developed knowledge and techniques that allow me to bring others into my world full of bright colors and positive emotions. My subject of art is a woman, the feminine world, consumerism, and artificial beauty. Besides painting, I create art objects and installations on the same subject. My art has been recognized by the Lithuanian National Design Prize Award (2015). I am also a Guinness World Record holder for one of my art installations (2015). More about me.