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Art installation ‘Femme’: 16 sculptures covered in golden paint.

Art installation ‘Femme’ consists of 16 sculptures covered in golden paint. Each sculpture is an individual manifesto, and they all form a visually stunning picture, which can be easily transformed into something new.


When one discusses the connection between modern art and femininity, it is difficult not to think of vanity, fragility, beauty, and why we are seen as so temporary by our society. While femininity is undoubtedly associated with universal allure and grace, my art focuses on seeing feminine form from a different perspective: beauty, even if short-lived and vain, is powerful and striking.
Creating this art installation was born in 2014, yet the creative process itself started in 2015 after I visited the Venice Biennale.


Everything started with sketching structural outlines and marking the bending points, then the material (wire) was given to metal artisans, who helped me form the silhouettes.
When all figures were completed, I covered them in gold paint and filled some empty spaces with canvas. The canvas is double-sided and painted in different colors; therefore, the installation should be observed from both sides and treated like a multi-dimensional piece of art.


Even though all sculptures in ‘Femme’ are completely unique and no piece of canvas is painted in the same shade, they all create a very harmonious picture, which strikes the observer with its intricate detail and attention to the curves of the female body. Each piece is a statement of my own personal style which has been previously described as bold, fearless, and eye-catching.
Each sculpture is higher than 3 meters and is made by using wire, canvas, acrylic paint, glue, and helium balloons, which were used as “heads” while metal wire served as the material of choice for the body.