Beauty Supplements, painted with clean and lucid colours, is a reproduction that can give a whole new mood to a living room or bedroom and is perfect for decorating a hair studio, beauty salon or aesthetics clinic.

The artist says, “One of my own photos inspired me to paint this work. In the photo I am wearing a pin-up style dress and hairdo. This style is very close to me, so one day I spontaneously drew a sparse linear sketch, rejecting many realistic details and leaving the most important accents. I liked the result, so I transferred it onto a 70 cm x 100 cm canvas. As I enlarged the portrait on canvas, I added some additional elements. The eyelash curler was the most relevant symbol of my idea of beauty supplements.”

The portrait was adjusted so as not to evoke associations with any particular person. The idea of the piece is not to replicate reality but to convey emotion while using as few elements as possible. The lines and spots draw attention in the painting; they have different widths and shades but create a unique harmonious entirety. Large areas of the painting are of turquoise and warm white tones. The lines are dark green and green-grey, and red, blue and coral colours are used for accents.

In preparation for her third personal exhibition, Agne Kisonaite continued with the theme of women, feminine accessories, beauty and style. Beauty Supplements represented the whole idea of the exhibition, which is why the exhibition was given this name, and the painting itself became the main illustration for the poster and promotional layouts for the event.

The quality of the reproduction is exceptional – to create the print, the original painting is photographed with special technique and the photo transferred onto extremely high-quality paper. All reproductions are signed by the author. Professionals in their fields are responsible for the selection of the mat, frame, and the preparation for hanging. The reproductions come in two sizes: small – 37 × 52 cm, large – 52 × 75 cm.

This reproduction is also a great gift – we can take care of wrapping it before shipment so that you can give it right away. The packed reproduction is shipped 2-3 days after ordering.