Damn, where did I lose my contact lens? is a modern painting reproduction that will instantly invigorate your bathroom, living room or workspace. The picture portrays a woman’s silhouette in a bathroom. It would be hard to come up with a better contemporary art gift for a spa- or water-loving individual!

Damn, where did I lose my contact lens? strives to find a balance between blue and red, between the rational mind and emotionality. One of the descriptions aptly defining the essence of the piece says, “Contact lenses eliminate flaws. You become more beautiful with them. When you discard them after returning from a party – how does everything look then?”

The painting required eight months to complete. Agne Kisonaite, the artist, admits that she has never taken so long to paint one of her pieces. The painting is also the largest of the artist’s works at 120 x 170 cm. It is popular to think that an artist’s professionalism is indicated by their ability to “control” the composition on the largest possible size of canvas. The author confirms: it is fun to challenge yourself from time to time!

Interestingly, you will not find two areas of identical colour in this painting – each shade of the woman’s figure and bathroom is slightly different. The artist remembers patiently seeking the proper colour combination so that all the colours would exist harmoniously side by side.

The words of the woman who has purchased the piece still remain in Agne’s memory. “I remember very well that the buyer described it as a psychedelic and later mentioned that she never gets bored looking at it.” This work has been exhibited at the artist‘s personal exhibition Red is Not Blue in Vilnius and Klaipeda, at The Bubbles. Champagneria and at the Michaelson Boutique Hotel.

The quality of the reproduction is exceptional – to create the print, the original painting is photographed with special technique and the photo transferred onto extremely high-quality paper. All reproductions are signed by the author. Professionals in their fields are responsible for the selection of the mat, frame, and the preparation for hanging. The reproductions come in two sizes: small – 37 × 52 cm, large – 52 × 75 cm.

This reproduction is also a great gift – we can take care of wrapping it before shipment so that you can give it right away. The packed reproduction is shipped 2-3 days after ordering.