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Painting ‘Posture No.7’

Modern acrylic painting 'Pose #7'. Artist Agne Kisonaite

Acryl on canvas | 70 x 100 cm | 2020

I started this painting in 2013 on a canvas that was stretched and primed by myself. For six years, this art piece stood at my studio unfinished. I was not able to complete it. Nevertheless, I returned to this piece in 2019, when I decided to show it in an exhibition held in my hometown (Klaipeda). Usually, the painting is finished when there are no more unnecessary strokes left, and the view looks seamless and harmonious. I thought I had already finished “Posture no.7”, but this second version still didn’t give me peace of mind after a while. Therefore I took it from the exhibition and started to paint for the third time. The most exciting thing that I decided to change everything except the blue dress. Perhaps it was a secret desire to keep in this painting a little piece of the sea.

Modern acrylic painting 'Pose #7'. Artist Agne Kisonaite

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