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Art Commissions

Custom handmade commission pieces can be permanent or temporary based on your request. My previous commission work includes installations and art objects from plastic straws, inflated latex gloves, cosmetics, lipsticks, and even coffee. When it comes to modern art, inspiration can truly be found anywhere.

Agne Kisonaite – Commission Artist

I’ve been a professional artist for almost a decade now, and commission art has played an important part in my creative offerings. Let’s take a quick look at a bunch of my previous public art commissions.

My commission projects include:
– A Guinness world record-winning Lipstick sculpture. I used 18 399 lipsticks to create a giant (more than 3 m in height!) “Lipstick Tower” art object and broke the Guinness World record for the most massive lipstick sculpture. The object was presented in Hong Kong, where I assembled it into one art piece.
– “Courage” art object made of contemporary cosmetics – created for a Porsche charity auction in Prague and displayed at The Chemistry Gallery (Czech Republic).
– “Lipstick Giant” installation made from over 5000 used lipsticks and exhibited in Switzerland and Hong Kong.
– WASTE ART: women’s faces from plastic straws. Thirty-two bars in Vilnius put art pieces from used plastic straws on their facades, highlighting the idea that it only takes some skill and imagination to turn trash into art.
– Contemporary art object: “Mirror Lips.” It was first exhibited in the introductory event of the new IQOS and then placed by the main entrance of the biggest IQOS store in Lithuania for everyone’s eyes to enjoy.
– Inflated latex gloves art installation “Puffy Lips” in Culture Factory, Klaipėda – carrying the message about overly inflated artificial beauty.
– Coffee painting of Audrey Hepburn, Paulig Coffee Lithuania (Coffee Week Lithuania).

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Your creative ideas are only a step away from becoming a reality. If you’re willing to discuss a potential collaboration, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message at [email protected]. The time to complete your request will depend on the project’s size and complexity and may range from several days to weeks. All the details of the artist commission contract are arranged with each client directly.