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Coffee painting of Audrey Hepburn

Starting a day with a cup of coffee is a ritual that inspires me to make even craziest ideas come true. A coffee stain on a napkin can lead to the curious thought of coffee painting. I was so excited about an offer to paint with coffee. I immediately thought of the iconic scene of Audrey Hepburn with a cup of coffee and croissant in Breakfast at Tiffany‘s. It embodies the femininity and independence I’m pursuing in all my works. So I’ve created a coffee painting of Audrey Hepburn.

Having challenged me I dipped my paintbrushes into the coffee. Coffee preparation makes all the difference. I tried painting with caffè americano but didn‘t get the desired effect. Espresso made all the difference. It took only 2 cups of strong espresso for a painting measuring 100 x 70 cm. At first glance, the painting looks like a watercolor. Layers upon layers of coffee give the painting a nice sepia effect with distinctive brown tones of various shades.

Painting of Audrey Hepburn with coffee

Painting with coffee does have more perks than just an interesting experience – there’s no afternoon slump, the energy is revved up until the end of the day. The painting, my paintbrushes, and my hands smelt of coffee for days afterward.

The project was commissioned by Paulig Coffee Lithuania.

About Agne Kisonaite

Agnė Kišonaitė is known for multiple art installations and her relentless passion for turning discarded items into art pieces. My art has been recognized by the Lithuanian National Design Prize Award (2015). Also, I am a Guinness World Record holder (2015) for art installation ‘Lipstick Tower”. One of my biggest projects to date is called “Diabetes,” exhibited in Abu Dhabi. It was created with used insulin syringes of people with diabetes – including myself. Marking “World Diabetes Day” in 2018, I created a painting called “Family” using blood glucose test strips and donated this piece of art to the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in Kaunas. My other work includes installations with used lipsticks, empty nail polish bottles, disposed of coffee capsules, and various packaging forms, which has already served its primary purpose.