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Inflated latex gloves art installation “Puffy Lips”

The idea behind the inflated latex gloves art installation “Puffy Lips” was to connect subjects you can find in almost all artworks of mine: the feminine world, their consumerism, artificial beauty. This time I have used inflated latex gloves as a reference to plastic surgery. Main idea: Inflated gloves = inflated lips. Installation duration 1 day = beauty is temporary.

Worldwide widespread plastic surgery doesn’t surprise one anymore. That’s no longer a luxury product. It’s no longer available only for the rich. Now it’s for everybody. But still, this ‘Elixir of youth’ is being associated with wealthiness, success, and happiness.
Plastic surgery inflates and stretches many things: with lifted facial skin a person looks like with mask, unnatural bust size attracts, duck lips are becoming common sense of these days.

Making of inflated latex gloves art installation