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Electronic waste art: birds made of used electronics

With my artworks, including electronic waste art,  I am trying to raise awareness on the hottest issues in our society: ecology, consumerism, health. Never forgetting her primary goal to create aesthetically pleasing art, I create objects that are both beautiful and relevant for a viewer from any part of the world.

With this project, I wanted to raise awareness and remind people that they must recycle. However, I didn’t want to make something scary or criticize people. I have always loved creating beauty and strongly believe that art should make us happy. The result is indeed aesthetically pleasing – a large 3D cube, filled with beautifully lit birds, hanging above the entrance of Vingis Park – the biggest one in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius.

Installation is made out of all the small electronics devices one could imagine: phones, chargers, beard trimmers, headphones – you name it. Then there are also parts of them: wires, screens, microchips. I was collecting them at the National Library of Lithuania so that everyone could bring something. The only rule I followed is to take the batteries out, as they can become toxic.

While the birds require meticulous attention, I worked hard on the whole installation, too. Each side of the cube is two and a half meters long, and it is hung at a four-meter height. I spent a lot of time conceptualizing the end result to make sure it goes well with the surrounding environment and suggests that everyone tries to see it in the evening. There are lights inside and outside the installation, the birds themselves are lit – it truly looks amazing after the sun sets.