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Contemporary art object Mirror Lips

For quite some time now, a strong, confident woman has been at the center of my artistic pursuits. And – of course – lips and lipsticks serve as a perfect symbolic representation of sensuality. This contemporary art object required unique material – so I decided to go for the old model IQOS caps that otherwise would have been thrown away.

2400 IQOS colored caps were glued onto a composite surface. Here comes the interactive part: in reality, only half of the lips truly exists – but the mirror reflection completes the view and creates an illusion of full lips. All you have to do is find the right angle.

3 different reflections can be seen from various viewpoints: red and black from both sides, turquoise from the top. The additional dramatic effect is created by red LED lights illuminating the object.

Measurements: 140 cm x 45 cm, depth 42 cm.

Making of

The whole creative process took two weeks. No surprise, reflection in the mirror was the biggest challenge – you could never be a 100 % sure about the end result.

Shop window

The contemporary art object “Mirror lips” was first exhibited in the introductory event of the new IQOS. Now proudly located by the main entrance of the biggest IQOS store in Lithuania, “Mirror lips” is readily available for everyone’s eyes.