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Modern portraits

Even in today’s context of selfies and advanced technology, I’m a big believer that the contemporary portrait genre is still full of potential. And my list of clients never fails to prove it! The contemporary portraiture I create is custom-made for a specific person. And there is no doubt that handmade pieces make perfect personalised gifts for family and friends. My contemporary modern portraits are not sold online; they have to be ordered in advance. Take a look at my gallery, which will give you a solid impression of my artwork.

Agne Kisonaite portraiture

I’ve always had a sweet spot for contemporary portraits – they are a remarkable aesthetic representation of something that truly matters, a person’s real nature. Creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art is always captivating – and when you breathe new life into something seemingly static, there’s no better feeling than this.

For contemporary modern portraits, I take custom orders. Portraiture art can be created from the photograph or in a live setting. Contemporary portrait artists all agree – when a person sits right in front of you, you can connect more easily and get a better glimpse of their inner self. But portraits from photographs have their advantages, too – it’s a convenient way for clients as it requires way less time and preparation. Besides, you get to choose your favourite picture!

Portraiture in modern art

In the new technology era, skeptics say that portraiture art will soon disappear completely. When we’re overflooded with selfies and a picture grabs our attention only for a split second before we scroll down to another one, who has time for something as old-school as portraits?

However, in recent years the demand for portraits has started increasing – and quite significantly. It seems that people eventually get tired of the fast-and-shallow type of entertainment and start longing for something more substantial.

Let’s admit – painting portraits is a tough craft. In a classical portrait, the artist must be incredibly accurate in every line, shape, and shadow. Contemporary portraits – which are more my style – are different, as they don’t have to be extremely precise. There are more abstract, and there is more experimentation going on. I deeply enjoy contemporary portrait painting that gives the artist enough room for interpretation and greater freedom in applying colors and texture, playing with shapes and light.

Many people think that portraits are primarily about technical details. But that’s just the tip of an iceberg. For a professional artist, the goal always remains the same – to capture the essence of a person and express their most prominent characteristics. Looking at your portrait is not the same as looking at a photo or a reflection in the mirror – a quality portrait is always about something deeper and longer-lasting.

That’s why I often say that painting portraits is as analytical and intuitive as an artist’s work can get.