Linen hand-woven rugs are made according to painted pictures of mine. Exclusive eco product: handmade, from 100% eco linen, high quality and hypoallergenic.

The center of a home.

A linen hand-woven rug of exquisite design and texture can play a role as an essential home object.

I discovered linen hand-woven rugs weaving technique five years ago. Today already a whole collection has been created, featuring a dominant theme of birds. It came to my works very naturally. I noticed that besides exploring themes of femininity and fashion in my paintings, I also often depict birds. When choosing from different options for rug designs, I thought I didn’t need to look for inspiration any further. Common birds can become a source of interesting design solutions.

That is how a bullfinch, a crane, a duck, a woodpecker, a sparrow, and other birds have flown onto my linen hand-woven rugs rugs.

The rug, featuring a bullfinch design, with which I’ve decorated my own living room, has become a real center of attraction in our home. We usually hang out and play and I even do my morning yoga routine on the rug.

Agne Kisonaite linen hand-woven rug 'Bullfinch'

The production process.

The conception and production of a single rug takes almost a half-year. Design work mostly comprises of image design, fragmentation of color areas, and color selection. The latter requires a lot of time and skill, because a palette contains 72 colors. The hard part is not only to match the colors but also to have the ability to see the final image as it will look woven on a rug of massive dimensions. Usually picture design sketches are in A4 format, so there might be a huge difference between how the image and colors look in small format and in actual size.

The rug production process is unique because the image design is not painted or in any other way transmitted onto an already made rug – it’s actually being woven into the carpet from different color linen threads. This process requires diligence and time, as it takes 1 to 2 months to weave a single carpet, using a special hand-tufting technique.

Agne Kisonaite linen hand woven rugs manufacturing

Linen hand-woven rug qualities.

Very high quality only. Because of their density, they are very durable and soft, yet sturdy. Linen rugs are also hypoallergenic because they collect much less dust and other allergens, compared to rugs made from other types of material. A rug may seem like an artwork, requiring a lot of care, but, actually, it’s very practical and easily cleaned with a simple vacuum cleaner. Esthetically speaking, the rug has a particular quality of “looking better with age”, because ruffled linen fiber acquires a silky shine and areas of even color acquire more shades. Linen tends to give warmth during winter and sense of coolness in summer just like silk. Linen is well known as a natural, ecological fabric, production process of which is environmentally-friendly.

Moments from exhibition 'Birds on Rugs'

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