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Contemporary area rugs

Hand-woven linen contemporary area rugs of unique design, based on modern paintings by Agne Kisonaite. Exclusive eco-product: superb quality, handmade, 100% eco linen, hypoallergenic.

The center of a home.

Contemporary area rugs never fail to stand out from the crowd due to their exclusive high quality and durability. Linen fabric, while dense and firm, is also extremely soft. These handmade area rugs are simple to clean – so you can easily take care of them at home.

Linen rugs can contribute to a healthier home environment as they accumulate less dust and other allergens. Linen fabric is well known for its thermoregulatory properties – in winter, it provides warmth and, in summer, treats you with refreshing coolness.

The production process

It’s no secret that your home is a deeply personal space, revealing your unique taste and matching your personality. Neat and chic, contemporary linen rugs will be compatible with any modern home décor. A hand-woven rug can become an essential accent piece for your bedroom, dining area, or living room – make sure to pick the right design, colors, and patterns for your needs. “Rubber duck” might add a unique look to your kids’ nursery, “Crane #2” could introduce a splash of color to your lounge, while “Seagull” and “Woodpecker” may be exactly what your home office needs.

Sizes. Square and rectangular rugs: 200 cm x 200 cm, 150 cm x 100 cm, 230 cm x 170 cm, 230 cm x 170 cm, 200 cm x 140 cm. Round rugs: diameter 170 cm, 200 cm, 230 cm.

Agne Kisonaite introduced a collection of modern area rugs “Birds” inspired by her paintings. The long-lasting theme of birds and Lithuanian accents in Agnes Kisonaite’s work is not accidental. The author loves various creative expression forms that allow blending old traditional Baltic heritage with artistic elements of modern today’s world.