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Painting Relationships

Modern acrylic painting 'Relationships'. Artist Agne Kisonaite

Acrylic on canvas | 80 cm x 130 cm | 2020

New year – new painting!
This time I challenged myself and painted a complex composition of two figures called ‘Relationships’. I leave the painting’s theme to be interpreted by everyone personally, as only personal experiences can create a plot for this work.
How was it complicated or interesting to paint this work? Painting’s composition is designed so that everyone can decide where the top or the bottom of the painting is. You decide how to turn it – and it looks good in every way. A changing picture that does not create monotony – probably also on the topics for a good relationship 😉
We all know that the author’s signature indicates in which direction you should hang the picture. So it is no coincidence that I put 4 signatures on this piece of my work.

Modern acrylic painting 'Relationships'. Artist Agne Kisonaite

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