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Glass Blowing: art made of used cosmetics

While painting my nails, I’d always look at these bottles of nail polish, thinking: how playfully colors make their way through the thick glass! Once, it hit me that all used bottles of nail polish could be glued together. That’s how the idea for the art made of used cosmetics mosaic “Glass Blowing” was born. The idea for a piece of art made of used cosmetics – 1969 colorful nail polish bottles.

Before starting the mosaic, I painted a picture sharing the same namesake, „Glass Blowing. “ I enlarged it and printed it on a sheet of paper – that way, and it was able to serve as a prototype, helping to match colors and maintain the right proportions.

Agne Kisonaite and her paintign 'Glass Blowing'
It reminded me of a mandala – connecting almost 2000 different stories into a single piece.

Task: to buy a gas mask

After collecting more than 5000 bottles of nail polish, I classified them into 21 shades. I cleared each bottle from the nail polish residue and combined them all based on my painting. Cleaning 5000 bottles was a real challenge, after which painting your nails 5000 times starts to look like a piece of cake. The old sticky liquid is often stubborn and doesn’t get out easily. Add hundreds of shades that must be matched, and don’t forget the sharp smell of acetone (for the first time, I had to get a gas mask for my project!). If you believe that the creative process is nothing but pleasure, make sure you check out these pictures – chances are, you’ll quickly change your mind.