Armchair design – handmade armchair collection

After creating a collection of carpets with Lithuanian birds’ illustrations, I continue to include them into other design projects. This time linen handwoven carpets were used to decorate the backs of handmade armchair collection.

Handmade armchair 'Titmouse' with handwoven carpet

Handmade armchair ‘Titmouse’ with handwoven carpet

The original hand-made collection consists of two armchairs, “Bullfinch” and “Titmouse”. The idea itself, design of the carpet, color palette – were all chosen by me.

Handmade armchair 'Bullfinch' with handwoven carpet

Armchair ‘Bullfinch’ with handwoven carpet

This collection is a Lithuanian product by all means: pictures reflect the beauty of Lithuanian birds; and handmade carpets, as well as armchairs, are made from local raw materials. Armchairs’ frame comes from Lithuanian stained oak, tapestry – from wool, and carpet is a 100 % linen.

Handmade armchair 'Titmouse' and 'Bullfinch' with handwoven carpets

‘Titmouse’ and ‘Bullfinch’ with handwoven carpets

This piece of art has already gained recognition at IMM Cologne and Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair exhibitions.

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