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Let’s go! Blog entry nr.1 on how it’s going for me to construct “The Giant Lipstick”

Hello everyone, who came across my project blog. As you have probably heard, I have decided to create an art installation “The Giant Lipstick” which is an object made out of 6000 used lipstick tubes.
I noticed that people learn about my project:
a) from me;
b) from the press;
c) from Facebook, after seeing some pimpled teenager’s comment on “the giant phallus imitation”.

In order to make C variant as rare as possible I decided to create this blog and show you how the project becomes flesh. So, let’s start from the beginning.

Who is she?


I am Agnė Kišonaitė – an artist from Vilnius. I have graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts and since then I paint a lot.
While painting I do not submit to the canons of Lithuanian pictorial art but rather present my creations as some visual outcome of my ideas achieved with the help of carefully planned brushstrokes. My paintings are the reflection of my perception of sensations, colours and aesthetics. I seek harmony and stick to proportions, but at the same time I try to achieve some unexpected colour combinations as well as compositions. In my works I accentuate details or some fragments, use acrylic paint and wide brush in order to create a static view. And I do it on purpose. Bright colours, especially a red colour, help to accentuate the plot, unexpected outlines not only separate backgrounds or objects, but also help to convey the symbolic meaning of my artworks.
You can get acquainted with my art here.

What is she up to?

Every day an artist apart from his true vocation (in my case it is pictorial art) encounters possibilites of self-expression. Since the key theme in my work is a modern woman and her surroundings, I was thinking it would be awesome to create a womanly and arty object of some sorts. After a few months after coming up with the idea of “The Giant Lipstick” I received a pleasant call from Avon company. They offered to support my project.


Wawaweeeewa!!! Let’s start working!

What is her point?

“The Giant Lipstick” will be constructed out of 6000 used lipstick tubes. There are two aims that I will try to achieve by exposing such an object:
1. Lipstick tubes are not recycled. 6000 lipstick tubes weigh about 120 kilos. When you realise that there are 4 lipstick tubes being sold every second somewhere in the world, you really become worried. That’s why I want to transform lipstick tubes into an artpiece and to pay people’s attention towards recycling.
2. Moreover, I want make the society think about consummerism that is growing day by day. Having a look at an object that is 3 metres high will encourage people to think whether they really need everything they have in their handbags.

What’s next?

The more, the merrier 🙂 Follow me on Facebook, Twitter or this blog. Thank you for being with me!